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Paul Taylor of Rotarylogic has over thirty years experience in the Print industry. This included 16 years experience in commercial printing and converting, before moving into the engineering and printing machine manufacturing industry. He started his business in 1998 and now has a complete range of converting equipment. This equipment serves the following applications and industries:

Labels, Tags, Embossing, Lamination, Medical Devices, Self Adhesive Automotive Products, Self Adhesive Tapes and Tags, Material Transport Systems and specialised equipment for the Tobacco Industry

The equipment range includes:               C250-1D, C330-1D C450-1D, C225-2D C350-2D, C280-3D      & many other bespoke combinations.

Specialised machines for both demanding and bespoke applications and a range of difficult substrates. 

Rotary Male/Female Embossing & cutting.

Cutting & Embossing inline with accurate web tension control and waste removal.

An example of a bespoke machine to produce products for the automotive industry.